The Universe of Dance - The Science of Dance


The central axis and the spin is the structural pattern of the universe and its existence. This structural pattern is seen on the Earth, the solar system (the sun and the planets), an atom (nuclei and electrons). 


This <Prototype Pattern> is the essence of the atomic world "microcosm" and the planetary world "macrocosm".


If we look at the invisible area of <Prototype Pattern>, the Earth, for example,  we see that the electric current flows vertically from the North Pole to the South Pole and it also forms the magnetic field around it, which is the same structure as the coil.


This invisible movement of <Prototype Pattern> leads the evolution of life. Two types of life in the universe: plant and animal, has a very similar structure: the nervous system. As life evolves, the nervous system extends like a tree branch from the vertical center.


Also, life begins with a single cell, and it expands into a complex life form.  As the experiment proved, before substance movement, an invisible electrical "field" of <Prototype Pattern> forms a life form.


This <Prototype Pattern> is seen in ancient dance both the East and the West. Ancient people performed orbital dancing surrounding the central axis circularly while worshiping it. It coincides with the movement of the Earth's two types of magnetic field.


Dance in a circle (Prototype Pattern) brings deep unity and harmony beyond words.  Each of us become a part and form a single microcosm as a whole. The energy pattern of the <Prototype Pattern> heals us and the world by the central light.

<Prototype Pattern> and The Creation of The Universe

Let's say there is one ball in front of you.
It's just there as if it is dead.
Let's rotate this ball.
Then, as if living, it moves around alone.

When this sphere (ball) becomes a living thing, what happens to the sphere? Two things;
It is the central axis formed at the center of rotation and the spin surrounding the circle around it.

The central axis and the circular spin surrounding it, which occurs at this time, is not merely a coincidence. It tells us what is the essence of the universe and its existence.

Even if we see only the material dimension, the universe repeats the same exercise structure as this. For example, our earth has a similar kinematic structure and so is the solar system where the planets rotate around the central axis of the sun.


And each planet surrounding the solar system, Jupiter has more than 16 satellites, and so on ... And also the atoms that make up the planet. It consists of similar structural pattern that electrons orbit around the nucleus.


It seems that the fact that the inside and outside of us are all consist of this pattern is that the universe is created with a very simple invisible principle just like a life in which a copy of a cell infinitely expands.

In addition, from time to time, it is precisely the living body of the cell and its replication born, but this is also the same as the formation and basic pattern of the highly advanced life form. You can see what seems to be the same structural pattern.

The Metaphysical Region of <Prototype Pattern>

As you know, the Earth is like a bar magnet connecting the North Pole and the South Pole.
This is considered to be due to the
electric current that rotates westward caused by the rotation of the earth.


In other words, it is exactly the same principle as the principle of the coil.
Pursuing the structure of this invisible area, we can infer that somewhat invisible forces are producing this pattern in the first place before a simple substance movement.

The world of the magnetic field is a mysterious world that is often unknown in contemporary science, and we do not even know exactly what its essence is.


Every substance including our body is made of atoms consisting of nuclei and electrons, and it is electrons that rotate around the central nucleus, but the size of the nucleus is a 100,000th,

electron is about one 4,000th of the atomic nucleus by weight, and even at this level our world is  a world of almost close to nothing.


"Electromagnetic waves"  "electric current"  "magnetic field" 

These three words are commonly used words in everyday life, but these are all caused by the movement of electrons. A magnetic field is always created where electric current flows, and electromagnetic waves are generated by electric current and other electron motion. "Electric current" is a wave generated by motion of various electrons, light is one of them. Therefore, a magnetic field is generated when the electric current is flowing, and there is a possibility that an electromagnetic wave may also be generated.

Interestingly, winding a wire in a spiral shape into a coil generates a magnetic field similar to a bar magnet. At this time, the magnetic field is linear in the coil. That is, the relationship between the
electric current and the magnetic field forms a pattern of the central axis and the spin surrounding it, whichever is a straight line. Earth also forms a magnetic field of the same shape when electric current is passed through this coil.


An atom forms a magnetic field by the action of electrons rotating around it, but when this atomic group is arranged in the same direction, it becomes an object forming a magnetic field we call a magnet. Although the direction of the atomic group of an iron is not fixed, when atoms are magnetized, all the atomic groups are aligned in the same direction, so that a huge pattern of the magnetic field of this atom is created. Therefore, if we simply express the earth's magnetic field, it should be formed by arranging atoms of the earth's central axis in the same direction.

Everything is created from the same one pattern: the central axis and the spin.

Evolution of Life Guided by <Prototype Pattern>

In the universe there are two levels directly expressed by the universe's universal 'design form',

which is the vertical center and the energy spinning around it.


Needless to say, it is the atomic world "microcosm" and the planetary world "macrososm".
Let's call them "basic cosmic system".

We exist as a part of the planet's "basic cosmic system", which is also a part of it, so we cannot seize this "basic cosmic system" with normal vision. Therefore, the search for life is likely to be performed only within this limited range of vision. Therefore, as a matter of course, we are likely to caught up by physical proprieties.

In fact, in the world of biology, experiments are being conducted in which pre-life substances are created, taking into consideration only the binding of substances. At the moment, in these experiments, only a very small amount has been created on the premise of severely limited special conditions that do not know whether such conditions are actually true or not. Moreover, in order for life to actually be born, these molecules must evolve into a system with a voluntarily advanced system. For that reason, the research field of life occurrence has been in dispute over theories intertwined.

If the fundamental design wave full of the universe is the force that generates and evolves life, it seems that the answer to various problems of evolution that was a mystery until now seems to come out.
For example, there are two major systems in life: plant and animal, but as these systems evolve, it seems that they have reached a certain common line.

In the case of animals, whether it is alive, that is, the most important point of life is the nervous system. If the nervous system is working it can be said that the creatures are alive, and if not working, even if other organs can function fully, the life itself is dead. This nervous system only spreads throughout the body in lower creatures, but as it evolves, it acquires some structural regularity. It is a structural regularity that each nerve extends around it like a tree branch from the central nerve center.

When reaching a human being the highest level of evolution, the central axis of this nervous system becomes positioned on a vertical line. Looking only at the nervous system, it is the tip of evolution in the plant world, that is, like cedars and cypress which takes on a pattern that looks exactly like the pattern of trunks and branches of plants.

Many trees drop leaves in winter and appear to be dead, but in reality they save life activities only with trunk and branches and in spring they are covered with leaves and resume active vital activities . The structural pattern of the trunk and branches of this plant similar to the nervous system of the animal just evolved from a single cell.

The morphological pattern acquired in the course of certain evolution of life, the one-dimensional (line) baseline and the two-dimensional (plane) spread surrounding it, is very close to the "design form" of the universe.

Life begins with a single cell with sperm and ovum combined, but how this single cell copy is divided into complex organs remains quite a mystery in current science. Each cell of an embryo (a multipotent fertilized egg) will decide what kind of organ it will be and its development depends on where it is located. For example, when a cell taken from a place to become a muscle is transferred to a place where it becomes a nerve, it transforms into a nerve cell. In other words, each program does not have to be given to each cell. It seems to depend on which "field" it is in. However, it is quite a mystery what kind of information transmission route this is.

Dr. Harold Saxton Bar, former professor of anatomy at Yale University School of Medicine, formerly conducted an interesting experiment with eggs from frogs. He measured the micro-pipette in contact with the voltmeter as an electrode. But it turned out firstly that the egg had a potential difference across the axial directions. Then, when the axis showing the highest voltage value was observed with a greenish, light blue sulfate mark, s
urprisingly it was found that the nervous system always occurred there.
This suggests that an invisible electrical "field" forms a life form. This invisible line generated on the spherical central axis of the egg is similar to the magnetic field of the central axis with respect to the planet. It is disappointing that a discovery that is supposed to be important to answer what life is in the biology world is not considered as important.

I think that universe's universal "design form" is related to the occurrence and evolution of life. Even if it is a DNA in the form of a helix, even if it is a cell of a structure surrounding the central nucleus, it is not a coincidence that the shape seen in the basic unit of life is too much in common with the "basic cosmic system".

<Prototype Pattern> and Dance

When assuming that universe has a universal "design form" , the universal dance pattern of human beings can not be thought as a coincidence. As we explore the origins of various ethnic dances, we encounter the same pattern that people perform orbital dancing surrounding the central axis (central to the entrance of the gods and spirits) and the gods descent (in Japan, "pillars" or "Himorogi") circularly while worshiping it.  It is impossible to think that it comes from human being's sensitivity to the 'field' of the universe, which has the same pattern of orbital dancing.

For example, even in Europe where ancient culture seems to have lost, the pillar in May Fair is still left. In the beginning of spring, people wish for fertility and set up the pillar in the plaza, dancing around with everyone. It is the origin of this festival and has a much older origin than Christianity.
The pillar was an ancient reproduction of the sacred shape that the universe reveals its essential power.


The Greek temple is also known for its beautiful pillar of entasis, but originally the masonry building is a building that does not require a pillar that piles up stones in a wall shape, and the entasis itself was the purpose of architecture. Recognition that the pillar is sacred is seen around the world. Among them the Japanese myth is the best retained in its oldest form, as is known in "the pillar of the heaven" that Izanagi (male-god) and Izanami (female-god) turned around.

The old form of the shrine maiden dance in Japan is also basically to turn round around 'Himorogi', that is, to make the same number of left turns and right turns, and bring down the Holy Spirit in the center. The shrine maiden dance in Japan, of course, was a dance to bring down the spirit there in ancient times. Its origin is derived from the sacred dance of each tribe in ancient times. Its origin is derived from the sacred dance of each tribe in ancient times when people lived in village units as minority tribes. Though they were independently passed on each minority tribe (village), there were great similarities in terms of rotating around the central sanctuary. Interestingly, modern science discovered an event very similar to this about the earth.

There are two types of earth's magnetic field. One is a magnetic field flow with a polar pole opposite the North Pole and the South Pole like a bar magnet called a dipole magnetic field (poloidal type), and the other is a toroidal type magnetic field circling in a circular form; in the northern hemisphere it is the magnetic field circulates on the same side as the rotation direction, and in the southern hemisphere, the magnetic field circulates on the opposite side. Both stars and planets basically operate while forming these two types of magnetic fields.

Is it a coincidence that the old form of shrine maiden dance circling around the sacred center forms a form similar to the dance of a toroidal magnetic field that surrounds this central axis around clockwise rotation and left rotation universally?  Beyond the superficial identification of contemporary people who divide life and matter, is there a common basis for both?

Why does dancing in a circle bring deep unity to us and restore our primal feelings as a person?  When dancing in a circle, we become one electron. Our essence is energy. When our energy creates loops and spins, we form a single microcosm. It is by no means an imitation of the microcosm. At an invisible level, we form a genuine single microcosm and become each electron. The essence of deep sense of unity is there. I am convinced so from my real experience.

There is also the reason why I started the dance circle with only dance in a circle which would not be similar to anywhere else in the world. Rather than my founding this out, this was the norm of common life culture in ancient times.

In Japanese myths, Izanagi and Izanami "see" the heavenly pillar to birth the land, and it is said that they turned around the pillar to the left and the right, respectively. They did not actually see the pillar itself, but they were conscious of it being there. This phrase tells us how they were conscious of <prototype pattern>.

When we dance in this form under certain conditions, we will be filled with deep sense of unity. But that sense is based on the sensitivity to the "field" that fills the universe itself before the relationship with people. And that was the origin of the dance and also the origin of the festival.

In the Japanese mythology,
while the thousands of gods gathered to open the Ama-no-iwato (Heaven's stone gate), the god that could only open, the name is also Ame-no-uzume which means "spin of the universe". This god was reported from the ancient times in the shrine maiden world to show the roots of shrine maiden dance. When our essence is tied to the <prototype pattern> of the universe,  the darkness of our mind and the world will be dissolved by the central light. I wonder if the Japanese myth is telling us this.

The Energy Pattern Used For Ancient Dance

Every existence of the universe is said to be born with this form of energy pattern. "Wa-no-mai" uses this invisible pattern from the ancient dance. When individuals became one with this pattern, ancient people knew that true harmony and love are born when the heart is filled and the group becomes one with this pattern. Please try experiencing the dance world backed by a firm, scientific theory.