Experienced "Wa-no-mai"...

"Wa-no-mai" was taken up in middle school and high school physical education classes.
These are some of the impressions of the students who experienced "Wa-no-mai" in the high school class. It will be interesting to know how high school students felt, who had no prior knowledge about "Wa-no-mai".



・To be honest, I was never very interested in my dance classes. But I thought that "Wa-no-mai" was great! When I saw it for the first time I was interested in the music and dance flowing in a quiet space. I looked forward to every class. It was fun to see, listen, dance and it was nice to have that experience. Afterwards I was so busy with everyday club activities, studying for exams and pre-exams that I could not go to the class, but I really wanted to go. I wish I could take more lessons,  I would like to dance if I have the opportunity.

・"Wa-no-mai" class was very relaxing and focused.

I don't think it's easy to be in such a state. I was concentrating and relaxing at the same time, I think that being possible was amazing. It was good fun and I had a nice experience. (Boy)

・When I saw "Wa-no-mai" for the first time I was so impressed that my whole body got goose bumps. I felt life energy, "Ki" for the first time. I never thought a beginner could do such a high level of dancing. And I thought that I was "impossible" for me even when I told I could.

I was very happy with it and enjoyed it. I will never forget the first impression of seeing "Wa-no-mai".

I want to continue dancing with everyone. When I saw my teacher 's movements, the energy really seems to be flowing out in each movement. I hope that "Wa-no-mai" will spread more nationwide. (Girl)


・What I was impressed the most was to feel silence by surrendering. I was able to listen to quiet winds and sounds that I did not usually feel very much, because I felt that I had become one with nature, which was very comfortable. Each one of the movements is gentle and powerful, so it was hard to memorize,

though I enjoyed it so much. Although I have practiced various dances, I enjoyed it  because I felt a sense of unity with holiness for the first time. (Boy)

・"Wa-no-mai" danced by two teachers seemed to be a welcome dance of ethnic groups and I seemed to be able to see a large spherical energy. I have lived for 17 years and had a magical experience that did not compare with any experiences. Even though I actually danced while following the instructions,

I felt it was fun, but I could not feel a spherical energy. That energy was not an explosive kind, but it was vivid, calm, and something great coming from the earth, nature or life. Some dance had a sense of unity that everyone draws a circle in detail. Others were brisk so that they could shake off evil.

As I practiced consciously I was able to move expressing the meaning of each dance.
Everyone seemed to have changed their appearance in the last hour. I also felt that the energy was swirling as I was dancing. As I got into a bit more convinced,  I wanted to dance more. (Girl)

・When I saw "Wa-no-mai", I was surprised that the movement was very quiet. Actually I practiced three times, I felt that I was able to feel the energy. I do not forget the energy circulating from the back to the whole body.  I was able to calm my mind by straightening my back. (Boy)